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The Curve of Time by M. Wylie Blanchet

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Fishing With John by Edith Iglauer

Full Moon Flood Tide (Bill Proctor's Raincoast) by Bill Proctor and Yvonne Maximchuk

Tide Rips & Back Eddies (Bill Proctor's Tales of Blackfish Sound) by Bill Proctor and Yvonne Maximchuk


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John & Rebecca Pratt's
2018 Summer time begins...

"Dock It" when you can...

And here we go!

Before taking off for summer vacation, Rebecca made a new friend and is planning biking adventures in the fall. Finally, first mate has arrived and walking down the dock!

Port of Poulsbo!

The Port of Poulsbo provided a beautiful setting for the start of our summer. An unusual sight was watching Skip running a rug shampooer down the docks! Ah, wait a minute; looking under the hood and you find a water pressure washer, busy at work getting the seagull, heron and other sea life droppings off the dock. Nice work Skip! Heron is yawning. Oh, wait a minute... I think it is yelling for us to leave the dock!

Salty mates... Met these guys last year and they didn't have much to say. Checked in with the local salty mates again this year and they still weren't up much for chatter. John tried to get them to warm up but they appeared to be too busy! Definitely not crowded! Not sure what this is, but definitely looks lost!

Port of Port Townsend

Western Flyer

Rainbow in Port Townsend

Solar Panel powered boat!!!

Time with Paul

And on to Langley...

The Glass Fish and long hill UP to Langley

Rascals about...Langley

4th of July in La Conner

Fossil Bay in Sucia Island

West Sound Marina

Now, I know it doesn't look like a big deal, however; the bow of the boat is touching land and the stern is in less than 4 feet of water.  It doesn't get much deeper between boat and dock. That is our boat tied to the dock with fenders out on the water side.

There was 4 to 5 feet of water under us as we came past the point of land jutting out from the little island on the far left. West Sound Marina is a very 'old time' type of marina.  It is run very smoothly, people are welcoming and it is very comfortable. The overall feel of it comes from times past. The island point jutting out doesn't show that the bottom continues extending out, underwater, for many more feet at less than 2 foot depth.

Quick kayaking trip by Jane and Rebecca where there was much to see including little dungeness crabs walking all over the bottom, sea cucumbers over 10 inches long and oodles of other different sealife. Took this picture standing on the fuel dock at lowtide. Could have stepped off end of fuel dock in a foot of water and walked to shore. Lovely couple on the Tollycraft named Seacoaster. Tom and Jane were very helpful when we came in to the dock, catching lines and manhandling the boat over to the dock, against the wind. Quick work and many hands saves the day.

East Sound visit

Round trip ticket cost $10 per person and included being able to get off in East Sound and catching the bus later after grocery shopping and other tourist town activities. Walking around East Sound, while trying to find the Public Library for access to wifi, we happened to walk by this old relic out of time. Orcas Online helped us figure out what was blocking our uploading of this website and then Rebecca went back up to the Public Library to finish up the most recent updates.

San Juan Island, Garrison Bay

Hello. Who are you? Um, where are you going?  I can see you!!! Hey, hiding your head doesn't mean I can't see you. Do you live on a boat on this dock? Oh, there you go. Up the ramp. Hi. Do you have a minute to chat? Wow, guess not. No time to visit, huh? You have to get to work? What work do you do in the Marina? Local fisherman you say? Oh, ok.  Well good luck! We are taking off to find more friendly locals.

You never know who might be watching you, on the docks!

Garrison Bay wildlife

Took this picture when we were anchored in Roche Harbor and happened to look up through the window and this behemoth was going by. Gives you perspective of the size!

Roche Harbor to Friday Harbor

MARKED THE SPOT TO SHOW OUR FRONT ROW SEATING! Local legendary seal of Friday Harbor, been around 20 years and had many pups.  There is a statute of it at the head of the dock, on the left. Someone's 'granny unit' waiting to be moved? Whoops! There's two of them!

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