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John & Rebecca Pratt's
A Different Summer

Adventures 2015

A Brief Explanation

Life brings many changes and we all adjust accordingly. Rebecca's job was very different this last school year with extra assignments, along with turnovers in staff; which created multitudes of little details that needed completion in a timely manner. Extra time was needed, over the summer, for her to finish up IEPs, etc. Rebecca was also asked, if she would be available to teach summer school(she said yes) and she jumped at the exciting opportunity to work with her students in a different environment to better understand their special learning challenges. Meanwhile, we have had an opportunity to look around our community during a time period we are usually north of the border. There is beauty in the flowers, plants, and other items that we see every day. Spending time with David, Kazue and grandkids is always an extra plus for being home.

Swimming Acrobatics

Whenever David, Kenneth and Sophia get in the water, they are up to their usual high standards of acrobatics. Nice balance, if you ask us!


David and Kazue recently sent out a pictorial announcement of #4. It is a priceless picture and the three GGs are going to be an awesome group of older brother and sisters for Thing #4!

Busy home life!

David and Kazue keep their current group of angels, very busy. Recently, David took Sophia and Kenneth zipling. They both really enjoyed their experience and are still talking about that part of their trip south. Kazue did not join them due to little Alice and Thing #4. :)

They recently took off on a long trip that involved driving, flying and boating. First picture was departure, second picture was tired troop! As you can see, we did not put in a picture of the tired parents! Thought this was supposed to be a vacation!!! For whom? LOL

Trip to San Jose

We had an opportunity to visit with David, Kenneth and Sophia, while Kazue and Alice were visiting grandparents in Japan. It was a nice relaxing day of creativity, bonding just having fun. Oh, the picture of Rebecca, Kazue and Sophia was taken at one of Kenneth's baseball game. David was busy coaching and Kenneth was up to bat.


Both Sophia and Kenneth are playing baseball for different teams. We had a fun day watching Kenneth hit a single and get a 'high five' from Daddy upon crossing first base. Gpa was catching him on camera, along with Gma Becca, Kazue and Sophia who were relaxing in the shade on the side lines while cheering on Kenneth and his team!

Cleaning the Jetty

Wow, that is a lot of water pressure being used to clean the white 'stuff' off the jetty rocks. Guess what? It doesn't take long to turn 'white' again, due to the high number of half grown seagulls perched all day on the entire jetty.
he guilty party that makes all of the 'white stuff' on the jetty!

1970 Chevrolet Truck

The old truck painting, in process, along with bright work on the mirrors, wheels, etc.

Pink Beauty found in unexpected places

Underwater Beauty

Short trips with underwater picture taking.

Red Exuberance seizes the day!

Cleaning, Varnishing, and other little jobs

Varnish work on the boat, amongst other projects, that we have never had the time to do! LOL

White, Blue, Yellow and Orange add depth everywhere!

Life Underwater

Continued exploration and discovery, leads to more pictures of life underwater.

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